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Posthouse Tuomi provides high-quality, innovative and stylish production music for everyone who needs a nice track to spice up the project. So if you are making a game, motion picture, television advertisement or youtube video of your friends birthdays, we will score it and bring it to the next level.

Posthouse Tuomi records in a variety of genres, including Dramatic, Cinematic, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Metal, Folk, and Ambient. Check out our portfolio and subscribe to our Facebook for the latest scores!
All tracks are composed and/or produced by Mika Hamed and Tuomas Pitkänen

Rage: Striking modern trailer track with orchestral elements and blasting drums and low horn stabs.

Gods Of Pain: Blasting modern trailer track with orchestral elements and piercing cello patterns and low stabs.

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Free estimate and consultation after you tell us about your needs and budget. Don´t hesitate to contact us even if it´s only your homevideo! Once we start a project together, we promise that communication is fast and easy!

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After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.


By using the latest sound library instruments together with real instruments gives us the liberty to execute all the ideas you, customer have.

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We are not afraid to use field recorders and foley studios to enhance your project. Custom sound design is made with passion and dedication.

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